Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Current Information Consumption

In the past couple of years, usage of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets have overtaken that of desktop computers and laptops.

However, many websites have not adapted to this demand. Consequently, poorly rendered or ill adapted versions of their websites are generated on handheld device internet browsers.

One Size Fits All

Responsive Web Design allows your website to automatically adapt to all operating systems and screen sizes.

From 2.5” X 4” smartphones to large desktop monitors, our design increases the readability of texts and adapts photos to neatly fit on the screen.

Additionally, your website loads and responds quickly across all devices, thus reducing user frustration and bounce rate.

Increasing ROI with a Responsive Web Design

Easier To Update Web Content

Rather than creating a separate website for each screen size, we create a single responsive web design.

This increases the ease of updating your website’s content as all versions of your website are updated simultaneously.

Let your customers know of special offers and inventory levels.

‘Mobile Friendly’ Website

Google has recommended responsive web designs for years and has added a ‘Mobile Friendly’ lightning bolt icon to identify such sites.

Since April 2015, Google has increased rankings for sites that are responsive.

Get Better Search Results

With responsive web design, you will not need multiple domains.

Since only one domain receives all of the traffic, your quality rankings improve.

Conversely, the higher rankings increases brand exposure and traffic to your website.